Daily Music Post

As someone who listens to a lot of experimental music, I have to admit, I have never really heard anything quite like this. Today's music is from Víctor Adán writing for Dot Matrix Printer. If you have a second and you haven't heard this before, you should check this out.


Here is a link to a series of works like this from his website:

click here 

About the composer: 

I was born and raised in the "navel of the moon". I have been interested in music, visual arts, and computer programming since childhood. My first musical experiments took place during the late 1980s, when my parents acquired two surprising machines for our home: an upright piano and a personal computer. Both machines fascinated me, and I spent many hours pressing the keys of these two wondrous devices. Each taught me a different language, the one music notation, the other BASIC. Both machines served me well as musical instruments. The one gave me sound by pressing its keys, the other by typing lines of code with the BEEP and PLAY commands.

Then I went to music school, where I was quickly taught what music really was, and where I soon forgot all about my silly experiments. After a few disappointing first years in college, I discovered the uncompromising music of composer Julio Estrada and, in 1997, I joined his deschooling Music Creation Lab at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I shifted focus to the quantitative side of my musical interests. In 2005 I earned an MS in media technology and digital communications from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in 2010 a DMA from Columbia University.

I currently live in New York and typically spend my days composing, writing software and, in my spare time, teaching robots how to draw.