Daily Music Post

Here's a dark, little piece from Argentinian composer Luis Naón, "Around the Bell" as performed by Moscow Studio For New Music Ensemble (that groups name that could not sound more Russian in my head if it tried).


About the composer:

Luis Naón is an Argentine composer, born in 1961 in La Plata. After completing his music studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Luis Naón settled in Paris in 1981. He attended advanced classes at the Conservatoire de Paris with Guy Reibel, Laurent Cuniot (1982-1985), Daniel Teruggi, Sergio Ortega and Horacio Vaggione and was awarded a doctorate at the University of Paris 8.

A teacher of composition and new technologies at the Conservatoire de Paris since 1991, he also teaches in Barcelona and at the Geneva Universiy of Music. He is a member of the ensemble Diagonal. Since Final del Juego (1983) and Tango del desamparo (1987), he has sought to express dualities of culture (Franco-Argentinian), of writing (spectral-combinatory), of genre (acousmatic-instrumental) and of discipline (painting-music-theatre), collaborating with Abel Robino (Alto Voltango, 2001), Yves Pagès (Les parapazzi, 1998), François Wastiaux and the company Valsez-Cassis (Hamlet, 1994).

Many of his works form part of Urbana, a cycle of 24 pieces that include Speculorum memoria (1993), Requiem pour un bookmaker chinois (1996), Sendero...que bifurcan (2003), Lascaux urbana (2004), Orbetura urbana (2004) and Six caprices (2007). His works have been played in prestigious concert halls and festivals in Europe, America and Asia.