Oberheim SEM Pro. That is the synth I am going to end up with after much deliberation. I am leaving on Thursday to go back to Cleveland so I will order it when I get back. 

It's a nice piece of kit and will be the center of my analog portion of my studio for a while. 

Here's a list of features:

  • Select MIDI channel, controller number and bend range
  • Select note assignment modes: latest, high note and low note priorities
  • Select note re-trigger, filter track, LFO reset
  • A second independent control bus allows velocity, controller data, or channel pressure to modulate either or both VCOs, the filter and the VCA
  • Transpose function allows different keyboard controllers to utilize the complete MIDI note range
  • Analog portamento
  • Input preamp gain control - allows an external audio input to be processed thru the SEM
  • High precision A-440 Hz tune signal
  • Control voltages and gate are bought out to rear panel connectors so MIDI to CV function can be used with other CV/Gate gear.

I'm super pumped. I have some more fun gear that I will be getting into very soon.