Consolidating resources

I just put a tuba out there in the ether (craig's list) for sale. My thinking was that I could use the funds from it to purchase more gear for my album. More specifically, analog synth gear to which I am severely lacking. 

I have been obsessively looking at synth gear trying to figure out which price point I want to end at. Ultimately, I want to end up with a moog sub 37. I have more gear on it's way but I will post on that for a later time. 

It's strange that I thought of myself as a tuba player for so long. When I think back to those times, it's almost like I am remembering someone else's memories. It's funny how, as musicians, we can sometimes let ourselves be defined by the things we play, the music we listen to, or what we write. In a lot of ways, I can't believe I held on to that hunk of metal for as long as I have.