We Are Not Alone

One of the main projects that I want to tackle with my new found time this summer is to compile my first album of electro-acoustic works currently titled: We Are Not Alone. Embarking on a project like this is a completely different approach for me, I usually just compose a piece for a specific commission and try to make it as personal as possible. While this has served me well, I find that format is lacking in depth. I often write music intended to be heard multiple times - relying on a couple of pieces that receive more attention than others. A recording would solve this issue as it would serve as a collection, a full course meal so to speak.

For this reason and others, I am making We Are Not Alone, an album inspired by the true story of Dr. Carl Tanzler - a turn of the century radiologist who lived with the corpse of Elena De Hoyos for almost a decade. Not the brightest subject matter and that is precisely what fascinates me about it. I want to take something that is truly ugly and find the beauty in it. 

So, I will be updating my blog with thoughts and progress on the album as I work on it.

Promise to post more soon.