It's been a while

I haven't posted in a bit. I hope to remedy that soon. I am still in the process of updating things bit by bit but here's the latest rundown of my projects.

I recently accepted a position at Ursinus College as Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, which means I recently relocated to Philadelphia. What does this mean for FiveOne? Well, as anyone knows, FiveOne is not just me but Jeremy Allen and John Thompson as well. I am still heavily involved with the group and we have one exciting season starting on November 1st with our return to the post industrial cathedral of the Cleveland Screw Factory. In short, we are still the same great group we have always been over the last six years, one of our strengths has always been our flexibility - my move is proof of that and a testament to the work of John and Jeremy. 

Compositionally, here is what I have on my plate:

- A piece for Emily Peterson for her upcoming album

- A piece for FiveOne dealing with 4-channels

- FiveOne Experimental Orchestra's second album

- A piece for the Cleveland music ensemble Time Canvas

- Upcoming collaboration with Jeffrey Myers

- St. Anthony's Fire will be played at a conference by Erik Peterson

There are a couple of other projects forming but these are the ones that are happening in the immediate future.